Saturday, February 22, 2014

It Hardens in Time

Pain, used properly, is the most efficient of the experiences for creating Pure Knowledge, simply because it moves toward death, at least in the mind. This creates friction with the psychic phenomena generated by the natural need to survive, and the cognitive and emotional explosion is a blessing. From pain, Pure Knowledge is secreted into time, a creation in time, the calling forth of a piece of eternity, in a sense. It hardens in time, becoming the foundation for pure science (medicine). Pain, of course isn't the only experience that can lead to Pure Knowledge, nor are experiences themselves the only media. But they can be an expedient, again, properly used.

So if you find it possible, in your heart of hearts, open the door to your pain. You don't have to try and coax it to consciousness. Set your intention to remain present and aware of the painful situations from day to day. They happen all the time. Some people are more sensitive than others, but given a good amount of awareness, you'll not only notice more painful situations, you'll also become aware of your response, and this is where You'll begin to create Pure Knowledge, for this is the proper use of pain. Once you begin to see with the light of Pure Knowledge, there'll be no need of further therapy or medicine. 

The downside to Pain's treasure potential, of course, is the toll mining it takes on your organism. This is a legitimate concern, and some people should take it slow, and perhaps not open their hearts to the pain without the help of a professional or shaman. Also, sufferers should not be preyed upon in their need for liberation, and led into the intimate embrace of the pain body by irresponsible people who don't know, don't care or both. 

Still, the wisest of the wise all agree they are grateful for the painful experiences that brought them into the Presence of Pure Knowledge, and though they naturally don't want to relive them, given what they Know, they would do so if they found it necessary for abiding in that presence (and if that made any sense). Some, resting in the ease of having figured it out, choose to come into time again and again, to help others figure it out. And figure it out is what you must do, how you move on. But not only with your mind, with all of you.