Sunday, January 5, 2014


The Jesus in me, Naga-Luz, brings us together and says, "I am the channel, I'll be that channel for us, so that you and Little Glenn can occupy this body in harmony... for the good your self, for the good of your family, your people, the world. Jesus is spirit, in me, surrounded by intention and intertwined with love and imagination...Life. That's Naga-Luz, and this takes place within your soul, your highest mind, your heart home.

Learn to live with your respect your pain, to honor your pain as a source of that...that living water. That doesn't mean that the pain should run your life. Emotional pain is based in the past. And even though the emotional... the material of it hurts, and at the more superficial level might even embarrass.

The pain is a river from which you draw, from which Naga-Luz draws in order to help you escape this confusion. This river runs through Naga-Luz as the channel. The past into the present. The past into the present...and together we move into the future as one...Yessss.

So talk to Little Glenn... soothe Little Glenn with your meditation. Continue to say the name of Jesus, which has power for you. Assume that power is acting on behalf always... pay attention to evidence, so that at some point you will be able to take for granted that the power works for you always...Yes! ...Always, always, always. You are healing yourself! We are healing ourselves! I am healing myself!

I am! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you, Naga-Luz! Thank you, Little Glenn! Thank you self! Thank you Goddess Yessss!