Friday, February 21, 2014

Into the Wound

May I please be allowed to take control of your experience for a while? You don't have to go searching through your pain, and yet neither can you run away. Close your eyes.

Go ahead and fall. Once you land, you'll be on the surface. Let yourself be pulled down into your pain. The accompanying thoughts, that once created this place, can fly out, when you learn how to let them. But in the mean time, just keep sinking into the wound, emotionally and with intention. The place will become part of the channel immediately, to whatever degree you can manage to surrender. You have to respect your pain body in order to love him. She is the surface of the pain body, the meaning and sweetness. She is the reason you don't give up on your pain body, what entices you to keep looking. She is the treasure of the gem-mining operation. Knowledge, of course she is, but in a form the mere word could never convey, even crudely.

True Knowledge used to create in pain draws Pure Knowledge. Pure Knowledge is that which is eternal. It is the same within and without time. True Knowledge (including facts, discoveries, and productions of genius, however profane or poisonous, as well as portions of the energy of informed but failed attempts, honest mistakes, meanderings and even some forms of willful rebellion) exists only in time, and ceases to mean anything beyond it.