Friday, February 7, 2014

And Speaking of Truth

A minor acting challenge:

Take the hand or shoulder of someone you love. Have their full attention.  
Facing them, adopt a visage of awe, as if the deepest blessing from God had just landed softly on your heart, or if you prefer, you just learned the meaning of life, just by experiencing that person, this moment.

In celebration of the existence of 2 sides (4 sides?) of this gold coin, repeat, “You are magnificent” five times (I don't know why five, it just keeps coming back), if possible, looking directly into their eyes. Enunciate; vary the delivery and sell it, taking your time. Delight in the drama of discovery.  
But of course, if you can't feel it, pretend. Practice if necessary.
We begin from the outside in, because stoking the heart fire of others warms you, like home, in a way that going it alone cannot.

Respect your selves, and you will respect the other, for you are one. Thank you, father.