Saturday, November 16, 2013

Wade in the Water

As you read these words
We are together
Hold my hand
 Do you feel that? 

You don't patch up a wood house with mud, a brick house with reeds. If you're made of music, then music must be your healing. If you're made of love, there's nothing better for your ailment then a dose of the best of you. Give yourself your best, give your brother your best, give God your best, that's the prescription for all kinds of health.

Forgive yourself, not because you didn't do anything wrong, but because you were destined to do it. All these things take place for a reason, and that reason is learning. All these variables are coordinated. All these things are known eternally. And knowing is the whole point.

Surrender-Don't try to hold back the pain. This is the time for letting it reach the surface. This isn't about a blog. That face of your happening is that which you share with the world. Of course, it isn't the only one. But it is unique in that it's the first time you've waded so far into the waters of social intercourse, shared so much of your self at once, allowed yourself to be vulnerable. Quite different from sharing with the same 4 or 5 people.

But it's only effective as a teaching tool if your words come first and foremost from your process (the application of awareness to experience, known by the wise as prayer and meditation). You've made a commitment, however immature. Whenever you can manage, share. The greater part of the benefit of engaging, with awareness and commitment, belongs to you! Others will be helped more by how it helps prepare you than by the words they read.