Friday, November 15, 2013

Something to Do

No one wants to have to find "something to do" in their idle moments. They're just convinced, after intense, lifelong training, that they have no choice. It's the only alternative to the imperative of the voice they mistake for their respective selves. Technically, like any addiction, distraction is a help in moderation. A relief. But, like any addiction, distraction doesn't have the same impact for long at a particular dosage. Before long, it's running your life, and you're nowhere to be found.

If you don't understand yourself at these crucial moments, you stand to miss out on choice opportunities to significantly speed up this process. It's a blessing to know there is an ally so simple to use as awareness; simply point and walk, eyes wide open. Follow the flow of events whenever you can, but as much as you can.

Take an interest in the things you do, even if you have to employ your imagination to do so. That's what it's for. As cynical as it sounds, "how would I look at this if I were someone who cared?" is much more productive than, "how can I make myself care?" (which leads so easily to toxic guilt and shame in the distracted. I've learned that) There's a place for every voice, but you can choose the ones who give the best advice. Practice putting your imagination to work building this voice of yours, because that's why you have both.