Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Supreme Perspective

All of the potent symbols and signs in your religions are of
Shamanic origin. Religion is the reliquary and museum, as well as training and recruiting ground of the modern Shaman. Some religions still have strong attachment and/or aversion tension with shamanism, an undetected bond in the worldview, which keeps both alive. Whatever imperfections result can be discerned by the sorcerer.

The demigods exert incredible spiritual influence on their followers, and particularly in the cultivation of the myths surrounding them and how those myths are created and disseminated. They respect the Gods of the tribes, and Shamans have a special place in their presence. This is one of the reasons they were allowed to see, while in their human forms, all the beings that walk whatever planet we're talking about, and in whatever dimension.

They recognize the Earth Mother in God (not for the sake of any notion of fairness; it's the only way it can work), a prerequisite. This is one part of the Supreme Perspective, called so because it is complete. There is no God without Earth Mother, and there is no Earth Mother without God. It is the first community. 

It might sound sweet or profound to you, but from this dimension, it hurts to be required to say such a thing. It requires the submission of the sweet freedom from conceiving of a God thus misunderstood and torn asunder. Innocence is marred. And missed. We understand it as a tragedy necessary for creation. All potential must ever bristle with the threat of realization. Part of the recipe. Happily, no being serving in eternity experiences God so dissected.

We know how much it hurts God to endure being perceived in this way, even if only in time. We know because we feel it, and so do you. In all of your planets' histories comes a time when you make the image of God endure the mangling of your egoistic, self and other-hating aesthetic. You just don't know that's the suffering you all feel. It's called loneliness, and it's the reward for all who tear asunder God's image through hatred, vanity, arrogance, vengeance, competition and injustice. It's the only hell that exists, and you make it.

Yet it is you, the good people, who will build anew after the coming evolutionary adjustment. You will be the first teachers of those who perceive, intuitively, the connection between phenomena (among other enhancements, to happen in relatively brief succession). Good karma will grow in your shadow, and reach it's zenith in time. This is true even in cases when time is ripe for calamity to befall you, or the occasion of your death. But you will know that all was for you to be able to generate that very karma. 

You will learn how to explode it out in every direction for the good of all sentient beings. And ever will you be joined in praise with hearts from the many dimensions, all of which are evolving, a mutual blessing for eternity, sufficient to pull your kind away from the cliff of individuality. Then will you be able to envision a real unified, whole God, and your selves as extensions thereof.