Wednesday, November 20, 2013

In Contact with More-ness

November 19, 2013
The emotional channel is that in which spiritual matter travels. It must be open, meaning free of offense. You see our challenge. The souls of the dead often speak through the emotional expressions of the people. You can feel it. This is never truer than when you cry for them. The tears and moans are medicine, as well as an expression of gratitude for your opening the channel so wide. That's why you feel relieved. The chemical and biological movements in that direction are the results of a deep, unconscious understanding of the process, one that you are now able to express in words.
Go ahead, put your hand on the base of your throat. Cue a song that reminds you of a loved one you miss. (This lesson is not intended to be gentle). Open your mouth and breathe lightly and gently. Take a brief glance at a picture of the person the song reminds you of, then close your eyes (More than a brief glance gives more time for the initial feelings of love to become clouded, which pollutes the channel). 
In a quiet and deep voice, say, “Ahhhhhhh,” while pressing Play with your free hand. After 30 seconds, focus on your emotions and see what happens when you imagine your loved one holding you in the middle of the love-pain under your hand, filling and soothing so intimate a space as that fifth chakra. If you really don't believe this is possible, do it anyway.
You have just purified the channel between your soul and other souls, in addition to having been soothed by your connection with the essence of your loved one, in that order of priority (while all of this is celebrated- you are so loved). If you want to press the issue, amplify the effect and consolidate the victory, you can turn off the music and immediately start laughing with joy, even if you don't feel it, and look into a mirror. 
Those feelings you experience are caused by exactly what science says they are. But they are also more. One day those that were once modern humans will discover this more-ness. It will be shown to science from outside it. What did you think you were feeling? Surely you don't believe chemicals gave those moments their essence? I'm really happy or sorry to tell you, you are in contact every time you seek to be.