Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Genius in the Heart

The green one is bold and robust, and her spirit gets inside you, and that's why you create more, and better. Let her influence be therapy for you. With her, you're able to move your carnal mind out of the way of your spiritual mind (your soul) and have access to all the genius that lies in the heart, which superimposes the carnal heart but exists, as one, in all of us. This heart, while thus superimposed, nevertheless rests in the soul.

The Green Ribbon Snake
When you see a ghost, you are only seeing one of the various shades of that person that rest in super-coordinate (yet discrete) dimensions. Sometimes 2 have been spotted at once, and rarely has anyone seen more than 3, and each person who saw more than two simultaneous shades, be they of the same or of different beings, had the capacity to feel-see all available dimensions.
And how many discrete dimensions? I have no idea, but I would pick numbers important to the major religions, from the reports or stories under the influence of demigods like Jesus or the Buddha (here). I suspect it will be the sum of the special numbers chosen by such beings, in all dimensions. They will have done this for the sake of your collective journey, somehow, or not at all.