Friday, November 15, 2013

All Seeing I

Awareness is the all-seeing eye of the Present
Presence need not always stand still
While awareness can do nothing else

One can best escape the gaze of awareness in sleep, through the egoic manipulation, on an often semiconscious level, of the stuff of your fantasies. But even fantasies, in the minds of the aware, can be made to serve pure reality. You'll have your fantasies chosen for you if you aren't creative or interested. Or better said, you will unconsciously choose your fantasies if you are unconscious.

This isn't moral failing. The uncreative and uninterested simply have a parasitic relationship with their peers. It's a result of losing the spirit of youth and giving up on ever finding it again. But interested or not, most choose the fantasy for the purpose of expending energy to NOT have to rest aware, for even a moment. It's not their fault, but you can help them.

The reason we call the uninterested parasitic is because  the creative and the interested contribute to an energy trough from which all feed, including their reticent peers. But don't think this isn't a blessing for all. The opportunity to share is everywhere in this situation, and every gift further opens the channel.
A way under, over. A way through.