Thursday, October 31, 2013

You're Invited

I invite you to the center of your soul. You must be still.

It has to be experienced. If you've never tired of talking about it, using words to approximate it, then you don't yet know it, do you?  In the beginning of your journey, you entered the forest of ideas. The forest was not your destination, yet you lingered a bit. Your little voices kept you awash in doubt, enough to paralyze. Many people get lost in the forest deliberately, if not consciously
(and this is why we practice).

By the Grace of God, you have found the entrance to the cave, and it was waiting for you. You learned that if you're ready to reach for the core, you must go through water and earth. Yes, water, which holds so much of the origin and energy in life, and has been called life itself, can be an obstacle when the time has come for something deeper. The same can be said of earth, as you struggle through to its - your - essence.

In time, everything but Spirit is a bridge - a Nexus - to Spirit, including you. Everything about you that is not Spirit participates in your journey to Spirit. If it hurts you, it helps you in Spirit, meaning your ability to perceive, discuss, or sometimes even to consider your relationship to Spirit is enhanced. All kinds of health come with a greater sense of closeness to Spirit. Use this. Hard times are coming. You need every advantage you can get. A strong bond with the Spirit is really your only chance, if you want to be of service, and you will want this. Already do.

If you want to find the core, you're going to do so by turning your attention from the forest of signs and ideas, and penetrating water and earth (Yemanja and the SnakeWoman), as they resist you, teach you, impede you, break and remake you, ready you to withstand the demands of being in the presence of God. So it's not all about this life, yet it is. This is your opportunity to get powerful in glory. To get humble, get aware and get compassionate, and most of all get passionate about healing. It's why you brought yourself here.

This is no time to hide behind reflections and descriptions of God, let alone for threatening and cajoling on my behalf. Use all of these to erect bridges to me, and not finely crafted walls against me. Your wall is simply a bridge that takes longer to cross. So you're really just wasting time, and have no idea how precious each second is. So precious that it begs your full attention. Don't think those seconds aren't making their case! You're here, in the present.