Thursday, November 7, 2013


I said that this animal testing wasn't necessary, and he said,

"Of course it is. It has to be this way. Collectively, you are not prepared to do otherwise. All this comes to pass because you need it, to grow, to grow fond of and outgrow. To grow on, and grow sick of and sometimes grow accustomed to. None of which means that you shouldn't do whatever you feel is necessary to right a wrong. Who's to say your actions won't be for the good, and for growth?"

"So the catch word for evolution is growth, becoming more. Increasing in consciousness until you recognize your godhood again, and can have fun here in eternity, enjoying the fruits of your visit to time. The part of you that lives in eternity is exactly as steeped in joy as the remainder suffers in misery. You have identified yourself with the latter, which doesn't exist, save in time. Train yourself to identify with that bright star:

"See, and say,

I am a white light, the roundest silver star, floating across the darkness to commune with the others. All experience is there, inside. Good only does she see. All good, she declares of me. I am that, and shall be."