Sunday, October 6, 2013

Warrior Movement


I'm see-feeling right now how it's not necessary to fret about a particular action or thought. I'm now being shown how painless it can be to get to work. The worrying about the work is the most painful part, partially because it add weight and credibility to your voice for inferiority, which resonates in the soul as shame. A mucous-y substance begins to form on the walls of the temple, not far from the altar. This is not a good place for the spirit to be seated.

A childish response to the shaming voice makes you not want to take action, as if that would solve your relationship problem. Now you're paralyzed. Part of you wants to get on with life, another is afraid you couldn't if you tried, and the loudest part resents being told what to do by life and its requirements. Well, let's get un-paralyzed. We can do it.

You bring it to consciousness, and then you figure out which part of it is you (or real). All the rest in healing meditation, in my humble opinion, all the music, the chanting, the visualization, are to maximize the effectiveness of these two moves, to heighten one and deepen the other. The process of making the unconscious conscious requires great energy to overcome the fear, because that's how you overcome fear, you manipulate energy upwards.

Warrior Movement is perfect for this because it builds up positive conscious energy that burns away fear while at the same time dissolving shame. Locked to the beat, and maybe some brief periods free of rhythm, maybe even sound, only for the muscles and vibrations to find their home in the land of rhythmic, sonic, harmonic and physical tension and release, call and response, and maybe the occasional erotic movement meditation.