Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spirituality is Active Presence

September 21, 2013

Worry makes a mockery of awareness, is the Hyde of a conscious Dr. Jekyll. The one thing keeping you from coming to your own rescue is the very fact that you're not there. You disappear while all kinds of atrocities are done with your faculties. Worry makes the case that it is directed at your problems, makes use of similar faculties, and is supposedly on your side. And you fall for it every time. That's why it had to be called out. Distraction has been your only antidote for it, but how can absence remedy absence?

I now feel up to taking advantage of the benefits of the vibrations that come at me. Something told me to revere them, told me that they were crucial to my survival long before i knew what they were. I am infinitely grateful. But now i get to engage them from a spiritual perspective, which
in a word, means presence. Active presence is the best definition of spirituality that i know.