Sunday, October 6, 2013

Autumn Day Song

October 3, 2013

I actually heard and saw the music in this brilliant autumn day. I remembered the fall afternoons in Ohio. Only those lonely football days spent watching the trees, and three or four fall days with best friends have ever made homes in my heart like this magical day. Today, I gave three presentations, all fair to good, all to applause. I didn't back down from any major challenges, or once lose faith. I saw the trees blowing in the wind in/and/of my coming and going. They contributed to making the day move by in verses, and the chorus was "See, you're doing it. You don't have give up life to live it. You don't have to forget magical autumn days, alone or with family, no matter where you are."

I can kindle the spirit of those plays (even if they can't repeat) with the memory, and call them out of the spirit world, where they wait. Yes, moments have spiritual qualities, too. They can take on any attributes you can imagine, and some can see them. It is said there are beings made of moments. But that's a slippery concept, until you realize that you're one of them. We're our own aliens, only appearing as we see us from ONE perspective. Not venturing much deeper than the projection, and so not likely to recognize it. But there are those that do, and their job is to teach the others.

It is their voice that tells us about our makeup, and our destiny as well. They often have to speak in parables, to not unhinge minds not too prepared to go tearing after the unspeakable high of superstition, blasphemous only as an incredible waste of time. Time is precious. If it weren't you wouldn't have chosen it so eagerly.