Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Trick Is

September 16, 2013

...not covering your eyes at the moment of the lesson. It's like choosing to revisit the lesson repeatedly until the day that, because of whatever work you've been doing on yourself, and the grace of God, you find yourself able to keep your presence in a situation in which you would normally escape just at the part where the good stuff occurs. You immediately feel guilty, because you're now causing the destruction of this particular thought edifice that once enjoyed your loyalty, and you realize more and more that your creation kept you in constant pain, almost taking on a life of its own through the sheer force of your will, at an energy cost you can't begin to afford. And that's just one thought, one projectile you're prone to intercepting. What deft efficiency you're capable of! This is where almost all your energy goes, and you wonder why you can't finish anything. These lessons are the ones you needed growing up, come around again. It really is alright to face them, maybe not easy (but is there ease in any of the alternatives to real peace?), but they require no slavery to any idea, that's certain. But you do have a choice. I'm learning that the