Sunday, October 6, 2013

Maintain My Skies Clear

August 24, 2013

I write it so the devil can't erase it. Every little blip, Glenn? I saw that every little blip of social shock is one I mechanically amplify in a process decidedly precise and just as lethal to my social self, inside and out! And for all it's precision, the process balloons and sweeps the sky like black and blood red and purple clouds, racing to cover every inch of my sky before i can recover. And because I fail to grasp this, the clouds linger, and it becomes harder and harder to maintain my skies clear. Life sees to it.

My social self is my only self, I see. So my task is to appreciate the necessity of working to keep your skies clear, or clarify what's been obscured. Oh, Lord!

You must be still!

You must be still right now because you've been getting what you asked for. Well, this time of tender wounds being opened is a time for protecting yourself, and you're very vulnerable as you go about your day. So take a minute, please.