Wednesday, October 30, 2013

One is True

04/15/13 Shame- I get attached and immediately my relationship
changes to an insecure one. I engage and run away. I want to own the object of my attachment. I don't want anyone else to have it. I burden it with the responsibility for my pain, though while it is to blame, I'm the one responsible. I don't get attached for that very reason. I'm grateful for being able to put this into words.

The judgment is a defense against the painful barb that attachment brings disappointment, hence deserves attack. But judgment is destructive to the spirit, because it separates, while spirit is together. One is true. Follow the false and you will be able to trace all of your pain, physical and mental, to that decision. Open the channel that would carry you toward life, abundant life.

You were told earlier that the only remedy for each of your complexes is awareness. Heed this good news. There is nothing that needs saying at this point in time more than you need to start living and making attempts and taking risks. You've seen how you've allowed your mind to make you believe terrible things about yourself, things that are most often the opposite of fact. Keep noticing this, and bring it to the center of your attention whenever it appears. This is an exercise in awareness, you know, and part of the reason you have even reached this far is that you have been practicing it for quite a while.

The reason your results are haphazard is that you treat your good work only a little better than you treat your good qualities. But that intention and willing mind shine right through, and so you've advanced as a matter of faith. Don't worry. Choosing to worry in the presence of such faith is evidence of confusion or that the faith is imperfect, as when it is informed by a complex or a conscious or unconscious misunderstanding of some fundamental element of the object of your faith.