Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tenderness is the Ultimate Weapon


of the Spirit Warrior - Wield it, and watch it burn away illusion.

I had an out-of-body experience driving down the street today. It was more like an extra-body experience. I felt all of a sudden like I encased myself, closely but at a great enough space to let me see. I saw/felt the futility of all the priorities of my pain body. But I also saw how central they are to him, as determined - and conditioned - by their unfettered access to my psychic energy. I'm a believer in pain, at least I have been, was. I'm beginning to commit to my belief in love, and let that become my reality instead. I'm reminded that at this point I am still in a process, even if I forget this.

Earlier, I saw how I'm becoming more aware of the presence of the Lord, through, of course, a forest of resistance. I was encouraged to call Jesus' name, even though I was full of dread, and felt no inclination to praise or celebrate. I realized that normally the pain body insists that I shun these sentiments in particular, and thus guilt starts to grow as I acquiesce. This is because the repetition of the Mantra threatens to increase my awareness, the state in which my pain body, cannot thrive. But today I spent more moments than recently possible entertaining the truth that I'm not alone. I was reminded that a formidable part of me, whom I have called Jesus Naga-Luz, has been here, tenaciously and tirelessly fighting for me and teaching me to fight for me, inside-out. It is at his gentle push that I get up and try. She emboldens me to continue even when the full import and caliber of my performance is lost on me.

A different voice presents another point of view, and I've learned that a multitude can exist within an individual, indeed do in me. It is well-known  that even coming into awareness of a different point of view energizes it, to the extent that the soul bears it witness.