Friday, October 18, 2013

Now, You're Digging it Up

You have a legitimate right to be respected. You have a legitimate right to be respected. You have a legitimate right to be respected. Arriving at that place is like that one Childhood Christmas with Phyllis. The lights on the trees that night, so right. Someone left a blade inside my chest. That explains the need. I'm gonna get through this.

Anyway, he said i have a right to be respected, but that doesn't require emphasis. In your relations, whenever you emphasize only a part of a reality, you generate and energize the idea that what you have chosen just became more important than the rest, the conversation itself, and by extension, the interlocutor. Of course, you didn't mean any of that, right? Can you be sure? I know there are people who would read even more into that, because I'm one of them. Shame, pessimism and judgment dancing with creativity. Rest assured that bom feeling cuts in more often these days. But it would have to, wouldn't it? And the whole of this teaching could be lost by me choosing at any point to be anything but honest.

Even though there is and was so much bad (and despite the fact that you keep it alive with a part of you that would better serve healing your neighbors), it is bound up in your psyche with things you never want to let go. Your job is to learn to recognize the difference and develop the capacity to maturely pull the wheat from the chaff. You're learning to do so every day. Would do so even more effectively with quiet. It's scary now, but it'll get better. Back to my original point. I have a legitimate right to be respected. You forgot that in learning disrespect, you unfortunately sowed the seeds of it. In your teaching of disrespect it grew strong in you, if artificially so. Now, you're digging it up.