Monday, September 30, 2013


September 30, 2013

This is not Green Ribbon.
How do you know?
The Joy is missing.
What if the Joy that's missing is that you don't give?

I give plenty of Joy, you see?
So it must be what you don't give me.
or whom needs a little more just to be.
You wish for an outside reality.
But I'm your first parent, collectively.
Figure it out, you gotta figure it out.
Ahhh, there's the Joy
Yeah, Is it Green or not?

The spirit said to me, "The forms you identify in your mind are the energy of the thinking of thoughts. This is especially true for the things you have felt in your body, that you sometimes call your dad, a storm, a wall, Satan...You prefer to look at them as forms, as nouns. In reality, they are vibrations, mental movements which intensify based primarily on the energy put into them. With negative thoughts, residue of worry, shame and/or guilt interact with your need to control everything to form thought knots, whose number and size compound easily, and with which you have the power to create whole landscapes of negativity in your mind, at tremendous expenditure of energy both psychic and physical."

"Fortunately, you have the power to unravel these knots. As simple as it sounds, the answer is thinking thoughts that vibrate in the opposite direction of the knotted thoughts  - and by opposite I mean positive, because only negative thoughts generate worry, shame and guilt, and are subject to the kind of control you struggle to exercise over your devil. This is an experiment that is very simple to conduct. You don't try this because you are intimately familiar with your thought-knot hell, and know little of the world of emotional freedom. You hold on tightly to Satan (a thought knot particularly insidious by virtue of its appearing to hold before you a mirror), because he's what you know. You feel a certain loyalty to him, and that part of you even looks on these lessons with fear and resistance. Rest assured, that isn't who you are, and itself is, at root, nothing more than the thinking of a thought."