Monday, September 30, 2013

You are Not the One

March, 2012

Life ain’t that hard. All you have to do is walk through it. Take the opportunities that come your way. Make the moves that intellectually, subjectively and intuitively seem like they’re asking to be made, for they are. Remember again and again that you aren’t the one making all these things happen. You are one of the factors that contribute to their happening, and it is not given you to know which of the myriad factors contributing to any event is the most important. It might be you. It might not. You are definitely not controlling anything. And you don’t learn that without being still. And a very important lesson it is.

The closest you come to trying to be God is worrying. Worry is the mental attempt to create like God. You are literally trying to make magic happen with your mind. You don’t even realize that is what you’re doing. What a joy to know that all you have to do is follow the way put before you! You don’t have to run around anymore trying to find your way.
If you relinquish control to God, in your heart, go forward in the way gratefully, even if not always gladly, watch and see how quickly and deliberately you find yourself going where you really want to be. Worrying is a terrible waste of time, but not for the reason you might think. Time is your only opportunity in this present experience as a human that you can use the unique combination of tools and circumstances given you to work on becoming enlightened, the only purely worthwhile goal. You know you want this, and you know that God can help you have it.

Whatever feels like it should be taken up, take up. Whatever seems to have run its course or become out of place, let go. Opportunities will appear frequently to help others. Take those that feel right, but take as many of them as appear. Also, remember that it will be easier to be still when you relinquish the idea that you are creating your own life, because you can only do so in concert with the Lord, who lives in you, by following the path put before you and learning to create through spirit.

Think about the challenges that plague your soul. Do they not bother you because you feel you have to force something to happen? What if you just agreed for the time being to just walk through each step at a time, not agonizing over the absolute necessity that you succeed or be right or save face? You can’t yet imagine the relief, because you can’t remember a time when you lived that life, a time before surrender was even necessary. Just one step, cultivating the mental and emotional posture that you are not in control, and neither are you alone. You don’t have to be God to have a better life. Indeed, it’s the persistent effort to do so that makes it so difficult.