Monday, December 6, 2010

The Price for Spiriternity

Everything you see is an echo from its true nature, just an echo separates you from the pure, blinding radiance of true nature. All things are audiovisual emotional reverberations originating and coming to rest in one space-time-Spiriternity. All things correspond as well to sounds. You hear just an echo, a faintly bittersweet vibration. Why all the holding back? Let go and lose that disbelief, lose the indignation that is the voice of thy heart. Give in. Give in. Give in and lose that hatred that keeps you out of the sky. 

Please...Please. Please fight for us. We need you. I’m sorry. I wish I were ready. I’m not quite yet. I feel that knot. I’ll feel it for the rest of my life, and I’m learning to accept that and find something in the now to fall in love with.

And why must I walk in this winter wonderland? You know it but you’ll never find it in your state. You’re several levels removed from ready. But you’ll have to learn, though. That’s for sure. And then you’ll be able to ask real questions like, “How can I see that every day?" and, "How can I be useful to you today?" I don’t mean to hurry you, but your role is important and the world deserves a prepared you. I’ll bet you say that to everybody.  That’s a bet you’ll win.

I feel I’m being dealt with as if I were already healed. Is that to help me grow or teach me a lesson? Both, I suspect. I’m so afraid, but I have faith. It’s just a thin layer of fear. So thin I can see through it. But I won’t hate it, after a while.  When that great day comes, I’ll lift my hands and give thanks, like you should every day.