Thursday, December 2, 2010

Had a little Talk with Jesus...Kind of...

I mean he just kept going on about something.
I said, "yeah I get it, but back to my question."

"What question?"

"You know, how can I be like you?"

He paused and said, "Do you like me?

"Of course," I said (It was true), to which he replied,

"Hold onto that feeling, nurture and protect it, watch it grow and grow. Then send it out into the universe to touch and be touched. Then, do it again."

"You'd be surprised to see how little separates us. I am simply your desire to be good made flesh, as are you. I know this, through and through and infinitely in all directions. You don't have the faintest clue. But you want it. You want it so bad sometimes you can't breathe. Everything you do for fun, everything you write and sing, even everything you murder, all these are soaked in the tears that you shed to be visited by grace. I love you for this, because I can see it clearly. If you could, you couldn't help but love you, too. You're one of the many who will teach this to the world, are teaching it to the world as we speak."

"But for now you remain in a formative stage, waiting only to make the decision. But this kind of decision is so serious, so heavy that even to get to the point you where you must be to make it, you require teaching and practice. Then, when that time has come, you will be strong and wise enough to fight those old demons, doubt and temptation."

"Let me give away the ending, just to give you the opportunity to accelerate the process (what you do with it is up to you, but I trust that you won't waste it). You are going to defeat doubt and temptation. They are just like the others, whom you defeated in order to get to the place where you realize that the goal is to get and remain in a state of absolute love. Doubt and temptation are the only things that can take you backward, but they are very clever, and you've seen how they can appropriate even your quest for love and make it ultimately unrecognizable and sterile. That's why you have to get still."

Distraction is what make these two appear strong, their weapon (because it is war, though the outcome is known, but at the level where decisions are made) is between your ears. But you're going to defeat them, when the time is right, by simply loving them. Isn't that awesome? I'm here with you. I'm always here with you. So not only are you the guaranteed winner, you get to do it with love, which will touch many lives, and bring them through doubt and fear and stand with you as you stand with me.