Monday, March 10, 2014

With that Same Eye

Awareness is how you fight, know thyself is the weapon, not a trendy thing to say. Creating your own way is the sign that you have attained a measure of victory over fear. When we know, honestly and humbly, who we are, what motivates us, what inhibits us, our deepest need and desire, what we draw into our lives when present and again when absent: Victory.

When you can look at yourself and see only what's there, and appreciate the real potential for the changes you crave but right now may not even be fully aware of: enhanced value (in time) to the community as a spiritual resource, among other things.

When you can see your brother with that same eye: blessing to creation, and happy collector of blessings from the river in which they flow, the open channel. Happy even in darkness, in the valley of the shadow of death, for death holds only another vantage point from which to experience this majesty. 

And that's why angels want to come here. It's how they happen. In fact, to be an angel is to be in a stage of preparation for being born in time. That's why they exist. They're actually considered a bit crazy in the spiritual dimension, because they've begun the painful, time-modeled process of extracting their consciousness from the collective, and are losing the sense of being all and one - or being and not being simultaneously - that characterizes energies or potentials that seek no further experience in time. While babies appear to you to come into your world in a spiritually advanced state, you should "see" their souls before conception, still crazy to us, but to you they would be sages.