Monday, March 10, 2014

Goodness Wins

Time is the ego of eternity. It doesn't exist, yet is relentless in its quest to un-create you. Goodness wins, because ultimately there is only eternity, and time is forgotten. That is not to discount the invaluable evolution it engineers. Once this is complete, those who thereafter find themselves in time, will not know it as you do.

As above, so below. Time is the form of the ego in God and in us. We are weak because we needed to be for God to see through us. But that's not to imply that our need to see ourselves is not identical to God's. Indeed it's so, in a holographic form.

We are little Gods. But only in time. In eternity, We Are I Am. That is how we are created in her image. We share ego. Time is the window in which God sees himself, in all of us, and with all of us. Eternity gives birth in time, and you call it creation. 

When you have discovered all this, when you find it written into your cells, you will have taken an important step toward the collective acceptance of your godhood. At that point, you will hardly merit accusations of having egos. But for now they serve a purpose. What purpose? Say it with me now: Learning, together.