Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Greatest Good


The Lord is teaching me about faith. I now see that faith is not the expectation that things will go as i have prayed for, but that things should go according to the greatest good, the benefits of which we all share. Faith is enthusiasm for that plan. When it mixes with hope, is the beginning of the end of faith, because it draws the energy away from the plan for the greatest good, and toward thoughts for bordered aspects of what an individual believes the greatest good. Once bordered-off aspects draw away that energy, the collective suffers in time, because it is increasingly being forsaken for the individualized, the cut off.

The major benefit of living for the whole is spiritual, and that is why it is a disposable idea in your culture. you don't have the spiritual development, land history or wisdom to value souls in close quarters generating spiritual power through acts of love and enthusiasm for a happy society. That power doesn't run through you like it does people in other communities. This is all to say that you aren't conditioned to have faith. But you can generate it through awareness and action. Exercise, meditate and imagine!