Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Tyranny of Self-Righteousness


Pretense is an element of fear. One pretends when afraid that he is not what he should be. Self righteousness can be described as absolute pretense. It's a function of the ego, and thus can be equally as unknown to the person. Also, it is absolute in it's tyranny. The first and most damaged victim is the self, as the self-righteous urge is the "gateway drug" to judgment, an urge, by the way, that is not only reinforced by the judgmental thought, but more so by its  expression outside the organism, and more again by actions taken on its behalf affecting any sentient beings. Pretense is the feature of the ego that allows it to remain undetected. It can be called the invisibility cloak.

The mechanism for the development of the cloak is habit. You have taught yourself, then expertly reinforced, every day, your own false self. That kind of brainwashing is the most effective and efficient ever produced, naturally. Self-righteousness is only one of the energy sources of the ego. Others are shame, guilt, vanity, pride, worry, hatred, lust for physical objects, inappropriate identification and the excessive seeking out of and engagement in distraction. These are "sins" only in that they keep the ego robust and thus limit your access to your real self, the only one with hope of achieving true happiness.