Tuesday, August 12, 2014

King of Your Own Self - August 12, 2014


You doubt me way too much
You can be happy soon.
You doubt me way  too much
You're scared to fall in love, too.

You doubt me way too much
Take ownership of this sorcery
You doubt me way too much
And you will be

The king of your own self
And all it means
King of your own self
It's not a dream

The music is like 
you're swimming in waves
Of things that touch my heart
Bass, Clave, clarinet

Everybody got a part
Alto, Soprano, Allegro, Dolce…
So when's yours start?
Play your part

Go ahead boy and play your part

Excuse me
I'm in pursuit of the spirit of it
Deny me not the luxury
For my quest is for all of us

Hardly, yet
At least not in your heart
But it's moving, and I'm growing
That's the only part I can see

Your eyes are only beginning to open