Friday, November 22, 2013

Toward Catharsis

Is catharsis a result of acquiring pure faith? When the last bit of doubt is gone, does it all come pouring out? I imagine that being the result of the defeat of inner oppressor-illusions, as well as my having watched the entire process.

My mind must be integrating the lessons, because I get caught off-guard by the lack of emotional energy behind what would have at one time been strong emotions in certain situations. I'm so accustomed to reacting to potent thoughts with strong negativity, that I take it for granted. Or, I used to.

The result of the integration of the lessons is always joy or based on joy, just as fear is the basis for the negative lessons. It usually happens in multiple periodic releases, but occasionally full catharsis is reached in short order by attentive students. It is difficult for the trauma-bound to pay this kind of attention to the lessons that appear in their lives, because the lessons happen largely through pain. If the pain is too great, it might not be possible to use for self discovery. Not at the moment, at least. 

Most people go to great lengths to avoid that pain. But for those who are ready to try, you can't go wrong with becoming aware of as many moments of your life as possible

This one, for example. Or this right here. It's a nice moment, no? 

Notice how your mind struggles to go absent again, to get lost in confusion just to not have to be here.

But with perseverance, sooner or later comes the desire to share, to say, "Hey, let me tell you what's happening to me!"