Sunday, October 20, 2013

Your Hopes Have Nothing to Do with This


He said that I don't even have to adopt any of the postures or impressions discussed here. I've already made the decision to be willing. I don't have to have the great epiphany I believe I'm fairly responsible for (let my pain body tell it). He reminded me that i hadn't imagined the subtle breaths of change I felt brush my cheek. He confirmed the barely detectable (let alone acceptable) heart scene novelties in the vibrations of the atmosphere. I was afraid to acknowledge it at first, you know, don't wanna get my hopes up.

But that's just it, your hopes have nothing to do with this process. For instance, this session is part of the answer to all your prayers, yet more specific material or superficial desires are ignored. Why? Because your acquisition and integration of this fundamental knowledge, knowledge of self, supersedes and encompasses all these.

Your mind, heart and body should be engrossed in the effort to heal, first yourself, then others. Let your actions be borne easily on the momentum of prior action. I saw myself care a little bit less about my day to day problems, more a sign that I'm getting a deeper message than any decrease in concern.